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Online Book Club Testimonials

Author 1 gave my debut novel, Ruby's Choice a professional review that I use today on my editorial page. My reviewer went into detail on the storyline, character development and plot twist without giving away too much detail. The first time I read it--I did my happy dance!

Ruby's Choice was the November's book of the month. The open forum and social media support for Ruby's Choice, Antique Mirror, and my upcoming release Anna's Way has been outstanding. This comes from a gal who has been in marketing for thirty years.

A huge thank you to Scott and all the OBC readers for your support!

- D.F. Jones
Author of Ruby's Choice
Author 2

The reviews I received are Amazing! They are professional and honest. I highly recommend using Onlinebookclub.

- Lori J Gordon,
Author of Black Night
Author 3

I recommend Online Book Club for every author who wants a thorough, detailed review of their book. My 3 books were reviewed by different readers and I was grateful for the high quality of the reviews. The management keeps you informed of what is going on with the reviewing process along the way until publication, and that's an additional perk that you don't find anywhere. 2 thumbs up for Online Book Club reviews.

- Andrea Barbosa,
Author of Holes in Space